Monday, July 30, 2012

Watheroo Engine Shed

Watheroo on the Midland Railway of WA

Watheroo is a small town and railway location on the Midland Railway line, 185 kms (123 miles) from Midland, or almost halfway between Midland and Walkaway. The MR was a privately owned railway before it was absorbed by the WAGR in 1964. 

In earlier days Watheroo station yard would have seen quite a lot of activity. Apart from the 300 ft platform and brick station buildings, the yard also boasted a coaling tower, water tank, turntable (later replaced with a triangle) and a loading ramp and crane. There was also a substantial wheat bin. The station and station buildings and engine shed, built in 1941, still stand in the railway yard. The Engine shed is used for storage and for unloading road vehicles while the station building currently serves as a tavern.
The engine shed, which was the second to have occupied the site is a distinctive and unique building in its design and construction. It incorporates the use of concrete pillars and purlins with an infill of clay brick. The present shed replaced a previous timber and iron building. As the engine shed is still standing and has been partly restored in recent years, it provides an excellent modelling opportunity.

The following photos show the prototype and the model of it.  The model is built in styrene card and balsa strip. The brick infill uses brick paper which covers the plastic card. The brick paper was downloaded from the paperbrick website.

MRWA loco C class, loco shed, coal stage, loco depot Watheroo 
Rail Heritage WA Collection P5744

Watheroo Engine Shed November 2011. Photo Graham Watson
Model of Watheroo Engine Shed in S scale.

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