Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Models of Allen Howe

At the recent July 2012 meeting of the Sn3½ special interest group of the AMRA WA Branch, the scratch-built models of Allen Howe were shown to the members. Though he started modelling relatively later in his life, Allen is a very accomplished modeller of the WA 3’6” system in the period 1940-1972.

Aside from the many WAGR kits which he has assembled, Allen has built at least eight steam locomotives in brass. Allen has also built four suburban side-door coaches in styrene and brass.during the period 1990 through 2006, during his retirement and following a long career with the WAGR.  The locomotives include two Pm, two P class, 3 D class locos (a DD, DM and a D) and an Australian Standard Garrett locomotive. Allan is probably the first to successfully attempt and complete a scratch-built model of an ASG in S scale. It was a major achievement and not to be tackled by the inexperieced model builder. Allen's ASG ran smoothly and successfully at several AMRA Model Railway exhibitions before and after 2002. The locomotive had the power and traction to haul very long consists as the prototype was designed to do.

Allen's models show great attention to detail drawing on his long and vast experience as a tradesman at the Midland Workshops.  An article is planned for the Australian SN Modeller magazine in the near future but in the meantime, the following three photos of Allen’s models provide a taste of his modelling work.

Allen's Howe's ASG emerging from Swan View tunnel 2002

Four of Allen's suburban coaches on S Mackay's layout

A fine example of Allen's D class locomotive on Swan View - Bill Gray photo.

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