Saturday, February 25, 2012

Australian Sn Modeller

For anyone who is new to S scale, a great resource is Australian Sn Modeller magazine. This is published quarterly by members of the S scale groups in Queensland and Western Australia, and is well worth while for keeping up with the hobby in our chosen scale. Subscriptions for the magazine are $26 for the year.

For more information on the magazine, contact Bill Gray on 0412 923 541, or

A History of WAGR Passenger Carriages

Some web sites are saying the book "A History of WAGR Passenger Carriages" by Bill Gray and Andy May is no longer available.

Not so.

It can still be obtained from Bill. And in case you've never heard of it, the book is hard covered, 456 pages mostly in colour, covering every class of passenger carriage which operated on the Western Australian Government system, as well as a number of privately operated and preserved cars. It comes complete with general arrangement drawings (great for the modeller), plenty of photos, and the histories of the individual WAGR cars.

It is a must have book for the WA modeller.

For more information on the coach book, contact Bill Gray on 0412 923 541, or

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Some recent Video Activity...

The following link shows two recently completed G class kits, and some other stuff running one afternoon on the Swanview layout.

The next link shows possibly the longest Sn WAGR Scale train ever run. Using naturally large motive power upfront, an ASG, guess how many wagons this locomotive hauled around Swanview. (non protoypical of course, but this is some effort!)

As one person said "AMAZING"