Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The start of a new venture

For the last few years i have been interested in laser cut models and have been contemplating a venutre into producing some laser cut kits for Australian modelling, obviously with a focus on WA buildings but hopefully with some generic structures in the future for wider use.

Having made a commitment to duplicate the buildings on the Swan View layout i decided to make the station my first model. The images below show the progress so far. With a successful cut in wood of some components i have done a mockup of the main building parts in card to test prior to cutting in fine 1mm plywood, which i need to find a good supplier for.

So far the results look good and the final kit will be a composite of plywood, balsa, card and possibly styrene. Keep an eye out for a full article and pics of the completed kit.

Ps if anyone is after badges or small to medium engraved signs I will also have a capacity for these and hopefully some basic brass etching in the future.

If you would like to express your interest, have any questions or perhaps a building you would really like to see as a kit in the future contact me

Monday, April 11, 2016

Bridge over the Lefroy Brook

Im looking at writing a full article once the bridge is finished but for now here is a link to some photos and a quick run down.

The bridge is a curved timber trestle with steel girder spans. I have constructed the trestles from 6mm dowels and thin ply while the girder spans have been constructed from styrene i-beams, angle, strip and c channel.

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Andy May's WA wagons website has moved.

Virginmedia are closing down their webspace on 28 April 2016 so I have had to move my website.  With any luck you should now find it at.

Andy May

Monday, March 7, 2016


Westrail introduced the 61 strong class WQN standard gauge flat wagons in 1998 and they were manufactured by United Goninan at Bassendean.
Each wagon carries 2 - 6.1m containers for use on the Sulphur train between Kwinana and Malcolm siding.

Loaded AQNY 32208Y at Kwinana.

Empty AQNY 32209A at Kwinana.
The model is depicted post 2012 after reclassification to class AQNY under ARG ownership. 
It is primally constructed of sheet styrene; 0.5mm for the side webs which then narrow down to form the centre sill over the bogies. The top & bottom flanges are 0.4mm & 0.25mm thick styrene respectively. Sections of sheet brass were added in the end platforms for strength and after the styrene angle braces were added the body felt much stronger.
American models roller bearing bogies, NWSL wheels and Kadee HO No. 118 couplers were used.  The air brake reservoir was 3D Printed by i.Materialise and the brake piping was added with 0.04 & 0.05 phosphor bronze wire from Tichy. The brake wheel & gearbox were from Detail Associates (now discontinued) and attached to a stand made from styrene angle.

A construction photo
primer coat - in the spray booth 
Prior to weathering

second attempt at weathering the deck - this time with rust coloured pigments

The model was airbrushed using Vallejo Desert Sand acrylic primer as a base and Polly Scale Railbox yellow, followed by a light coat of Polly Scale CN Yellow No. 12 on the sides, all thinned with their respective thinners. The CN Yellow is quite a good match for the Golden Yellow used by WAGR and later Westrail. As the Polly Scale line of paints have now been discontinued the CN Yellow was rationed and the final weathering will cover most of the Railbox Yellow colour.

I created by own artwork for the decals and had them printed through Westland Models, using  Microscale Decal Set to settle them down to the paint. Details were pickd out with Lifecolor paint, using black, white orange & rust dark shadow.

Finally a coat of Model Master clear flat was applied to seal & protect the decals and hide the decal 
film, weathering was done with a selection of Lifecolor acrylic brown paint and pigment powders.

Next project are the containers...