Saturday, December 20, 2014

D/DA Diesel Loco - 3D Printed

The first test prints have arrived for both the D and DA class diesels.  Both models have now been assembled and are running, including DCC and sound (Tsunami EMD645 non-turbo).

The model is designed to use a Hollywood Foundry mechanism, which can be supplied with the correct axle spacing.  Hollywood Foundry don't offer the correct size (15.7 mm) wheels in their normal range, so the wheels are from Northyard but Hollywood Foundry can fit them to their bogies during the normal assembly process at no extra cost, other than the cost of buying the wheels.  

The cosmetic bogie sideframes will be 3D printed as well.  

There is more info on the Marbelup Models blog.

Test print of D class fuel tank, with 7 layers of lead sheet added.
Weight: 166 grams.  Top 2 layers have central gap to clear motor.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Butlers Swamp Models for 3D printed fine detailed scale model train kits

Hi Everyone,

Its about time I let people know I have started a little kit manufacturing empire of my own, Butlers Swamp Models.

The former name of Lake Claremont near where I currently live, and the name to the original siding nearby before Claremont Railway Station was built on the Eastern Railway (Western Australia).

First model to be released under this brand is my 3D printed A Class bogie for the Railwest kit, which I am absolutely sure will be a cracker.

Why release an extra piece for this already awesome kit, well the resin side frames while they look acceptable I think will look a little out of place. And since I had been working on my own scratch built A Class for some time and have been converted to 3D printing along the way, I was not happy with the appearance nor having to chop up the resin side frames for mine, I was going to create these anyway so I am excited to offer them to you as well.

Please see my new page here to get more details and to order.