Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WAGR BA Horsebox

Around 1903 the WAGR built six BA class horseboxes (BA 1000-10005). They were commonly used to cart horses to race meetings around the country. Although they were probably never all used together in the one train, they had a rather uneventful life and had the advantage of also carrying up to six strappers or jockeys.

This model is a Railwest Kit. It is easy to construct and the fine detail of the doors and ends makes this little kit on of my favourites. I used Raileys paint, NSW Tuscan Red, to try and replicate the early paint scheme of indian red that the fleet may have been painted in at some stage.

I also added some internal detail, such as benches and people. I used a 3mm Yellow LED with pickups in the bogies to illuminate the inside so that you can "see" the people in the compartment as the train rolls past.


  1. Nice model! Would it be possible to post a close up photo of one of the horseboxes? I have never even seen a prototype photo of this sort of horsebox, let alone a nodel!

  2. Now thats just wonderful - the lighting just takes this up another notch! Congratulations!

  3. Very Nice !! I made up the A class brass horsebox some time ago - will take some photos & post. I am also using Railey Paints Tuscan for WAGR wagons.