Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Grass "Tufts" in WA Summer Colours

I have just received some grass "tufts" made by the German company Silflor/miniNatur.  I selected some colour shades from the wide range available to see if they would useful for my layout which is in perpetual summertime. I am pleased with the results, as the colours range from faded green to a dead straw colour.

  • The tuft on the left is from the 727-24S pack "Long Tufts, Late Fall".
  • The next one and the one on the far right are from the 727-35S pack "Golden Grass Prairies Tufts, Tall" (1:45+ scale).
  • The third and fourth tufts from the left are from the 737-24S pack "Calcareous Tufts Late Fall".

Unlike some other tuft products, each pack contain a range of sizes so they don't look too uniform.  The colours within each pack are uniform but tufts from the different packs can be used to get some variation.  The Calcareous Tufts (meaning from a limestone-type landscape) are the most realistic as the colour is darker at the base of the tufts and lighter near the ends of the strands.

Each pack contains a thin plastic sheet approx. 50 mm x 300 mm with the tufts packed fairly closely, so you get well over 100 tufts per pack.  Installation on the layout is simply a matter of picking up each tuft from the packing sheet with tweezers, and applying a small blob of PVA or similar glue to hold it in place.

I bought mine online from Irresistible Force which is a War Games shop in Queensland.  I chose this shop because they sold small packs (with the "S" suffix) which I thought would be economical to try, as they are $8.95 per pack, and they had the colours in stock which I wanted.  Other hobby shops in Australia and US have full size packs of the same product.

Another Australian supplier is Modellers Warehouse which has full size packs for around $30. The full size packs contain approx. 420 mm x 150 mm, approx. 4 times the size of the small pack, so the price per "tuft" is similar.  The full size packs have the same item number without the "S" suffix.

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