Saturday, February 19, 2011

AQL 288

Buffet car AQL 288 was rebuilt for The Albany Progress in 1961 from a AQS second class sleeping car which was originally built in 1904. The modification involved practically stripping the complete interior of sleeping compartments and adding a kitchen/buffet, lounge and open saloon as well as resheeting the external walls and replacing the original windows with spring balanced Young windows.

Buffet Side of Coach

The model is one that had many contributors and was essentially a group effort.
The sides were laser cut in styrene by Brunel Models of which the artwork (Auto CAD drawing) was supplied from Rob Clark, the roof and floor patterns were by Brian Norris and cast by Railwest Models, the bogie sideframe patterns were made by Bill Gray and also cast by Railwest Models, end gates by Perter Higgins and the decals were by Rob Clark (Westland Models).

The master touch of Lynton Englund put it all together and made a magnificent model.

Corridor Side of Coach

The result belies that old saying that a horse designed by a committee can often turn out to be a camel.

Now to build the other three original Albany Progress coaches to compliment this one.


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