Saturday, July 1, 2017

Railway Transportation Industry Magazine

Just prior to this years Model Rail Show whilst down at the MRC one of our members Brian Muhling brought to my attention a hard covered book containing a batch of about 15 copies of an Industry Magazine called "Railway Transport" from 1954.  
This item was going to be discarded to the sales tables at the Show. 
Upon having a browse through I decided the information found within relating to the WAGR was worth a few $$ outlay to preserve for future reference and perhaps digital scanning could be undertaken also to enable sharing with others here.

Some discussion then ensued with our resident document preservationist Doug regarding the removal of the magazines from their binding for ease of scanning. A date was set and during this last week an unbinding took place with many thanks to Dougs skills.

Some of you may be already familiar with the Magazine, but the early issues usually had a nice coloured B&W cover picture with articles of interest for all of Australia & NZ within.

So here is the first items pertaining to W.A.from January 1954 showing how life was viewed at the time, which hopefully will be of interest to you all. 
Clicking on the pictures should enable a size for reading

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  1. All issues of the Railway Transportation Magazine are available in digital form DVD from the Australian Railway Historical Society. I know the NSW branch has them.
    Might save a lot of scanning