Sunday, May 14, 2017

A model of an MSA Garratt locomotive of the WAGR

For the past eight months or so I have been working on a model of the WAGR MSA Garratt steam locomotive. None of the MSA Garratts were preserved and there are only three of these locomotive models in S scale (1:64) in existence.  I decided that I would do them as a kit so that others in the AMRA WA S scale group would have the opportunity to have one to run on their layouts.

At this stage I have decided that the models will be supplied in an assembled, ready-to-run, but unpainted form.  The brass and white metal detailing parts are supplied with the kit but must be added by the modeller. This enables me to retain my sanity and allows the modeller to personalize their kit. One reason for going down this path has been that I initially planned to do only 10 but have taken orders for 20.  So hopefully 18 members will be happy but the bad news is that the order book is now full.  It is a hobby after all and for me to assemble more than 20 has the danger of making the task a painful chore.

The patterns of the 11 major body parts of the MSA were made from styrene and then cast in Urathane using molding rubber (Pinkisil. ) The locomotive model uses the bogies, motor and flywheel from a Mantua model of a Mallet, articulated locomotive.  The finished locomotive model (MSA 491) was painted using an aerosol can of Testors matt black. It’s marvelous what a coat of paint will do.
Model of MSA 491

Rear view of MSA 491

Two photos of the MSA from the RHWA website

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