Thursday, June 21, 2012

Parkerville on Show 2012

The recently held 2012 Model Railway Show saw Murray Hartzer's "Parkerville" layout, dusted off and spruced up to show the public what the WAGR  S scale group do.

The real Parkerville was one of the first stations to be constructed on the railway line between Bellevue and Mount Helena, opening for traffic in 1898.  The Station and the railway was closed on the 13th Feb 1966 as part of a change of route to the more easily graded line through the Avon Valley.

This fine layout showcases the Western Australian countryside found just east of Perth on the old Eastern Railway as it climbed up the Darling Range through John Forrest National Park.

A new feature on the layout this year was the addition of "Hovea" - a halt station located between National Park station and Parkerville easily recognisable by the row of Palm trees lining the back of the platform.

Murray had been wanting to add Hovea for some time and was pleased that he had been able to add this nice feature to his layout this year.

As usual the Western Australian layouts are popular with the crowds and also suitably impressive to the judges too! Murray does a great job of finishing off the scenic look of the model with suitable vehicles and people scenes added to bring the layout to life.

Well done Murray!

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  1. Great photos Neil,
    And a fantastic looking exhibition layout Murray.
    Well done al those involved on the weekend of the Exhibition.