Monday, June 18, 2012


Book Title:  Modelling the 3’6” Railways of Western Australia 1894-1987, In Sn3½ Scale Vol 1
Author:  Stuart Mackay

This book consists of 94 pages in A5 format. There are 22 chapters which take the form of short articles. There is a detailed resource list as well as 73 photographs of prototypes and models, 64 of which are in colour. There are also six sets of relevant sample drawings drawn from the vast supply of outline drawings held by the WA branch of the Australian Model Railway Association.

This book was released at the recent AMRA Model Railway exhibition held in June 2012. It is the work of Stuart Mackay who has been modelling the WAGR and the MRWA since 1989.  The book is a personal account of how the author has scratch-built and assembled wagons, coaches, guard’s vans and locomotives of the 3’6” railways of WA. Stuart wrote the book to explain how he and others have been building railway models in the scale of Sn3½. 

The book attempts to promote the hobby of modelling the railways of WA while de-mistifying the process of scratch-built modelling.  It describes the tools and equipment needed and explains how many of the author’s models have been built. Stuart also touches on how he has used his scratch-bulding techniques to make and provide kits of his favorite vehicles to members and associates of the AMRA WA Sn 31/2 special interest group. He acknowledges the help and encouragement he has received from many members of the group.  

Stuart hopes to produce a second volume over the next year or so provided that he can recover the considerable publishing costs of this first volume.

The book is available for $20 plus $3 postage and packaging within Australia. Overseas postage rates to be negotiated. It is available from Stuart Mackay who can be contacted by email at    

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