Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kendenup Station

Further to my previous post on Tichy S scale doors and windows, I have made considerable progress on my model of Kendenup station, which I started just after Christmas.

The roof is a card mock-up at the moment as I am waiting on some plastic tile sheets to arrive. The rest of the construction is styrene, including Evergreen novelty siding (item 4083). I fabricated the chimmney from Wills OO scale brick sheet.

I scanned the above photo and some others I took at Kendenup in the mid 1980's and send them to Don Copley and Don has added them to his WA Stations web site.

Don also noticed that Kulin station building is very similar and there are some good photos of Kulin on his site also. The main difference is that Kulin station is built as a mirror image of Kendenup, with the brick chimney on the left end viewed from the track side. Kulin does not have the large door on the rear wall, and has a third window instead.

Close perusal of photos of Kendenup show joins in the weatherboards where the window was, indicating that the large door was a later modification. I am including the large door and associated loading platform on my model to match Kendenup as I photographed it in the 1980's, and the large door makes an interesting feature.

When completed, my model of Kendenup station will become Springdale station on my Marbelup Valley Railway. It just fits in the space available at Springdale.

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