Saturday, December 3, 2011

S Scale Detail Parts from Tichy Trains (US)

Just letting everyone know that Tichy Trains in the US has quite a few detail parts in S scale.

I have just ordered some doors and windows which are pretty close to the correct size for a model of the Kendenup station which I am planning to build for my layout (to go at Springdale). Kendenup Station had 8-panel double-hung windows, before they were covered up by shutters after the move to Katanning. If interested, there is some historical film of Kendenup from the 1920's including a train trip from Perth. The station in the film is an earlier, smaller building.

They do online orders so the parts are fairly easily available.

They also do some nicely detailed oil drums and a neat little crane.

Some of the HO items such as the pipe load could also be useful.

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