Monday, September 19, 2011

G Class Kit Progress

Recently I have been working on my G class locomotive 4-6-0 version. Being a combined brass/urethane kit I have had to brush up on my soldering skills. So far so good, the detailing on the tender is excellent, it took me about an hour to press the rivets out and only about half a day to put the tender together. SInce then the kit has slowly come together it has began to take shape. I have put the chasis together and so far it rolls freely when pushed along the track. I am in the process of wiring it up and then its onto the detail work of the boiler and cab fittings. Those of you who look carefully have seen my obvious mistake that I have encountered once fitting the cross head straps with the slide valves and the body of the smoke box door area, and will need to be rectified on the kit before I go any futher...

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