Saturday, August 20, 2011

AZ First Class Sleeping Car

In 1928, the WAGR built four new 1st class sleeping cars to a design which the Midland Workshops used to build 3 JV class cars for the Midland Railway Co. in 1927.

The 1928 WAGR cars were numbered AZ 434 – 437. In 1929 a further 6 cars were built numbered 438 –443.

These cars were used on the Perth to Kalgoorlie "Westland" overnight sleeper services until being displaced to other less important services by the more modern AH cars which were introduced in 1948. In the early 1960's some of the cars had their matchwood sides repanelled with plywood sheeting as part of the general refurbishment programme. With the demise of the "Albany Progress" in 1978 the AZ's became redundant.

The above picture shows a model of an AZ sleeping car - this is the prototype model for the kit which is now available from WestOz Models. The Kit is formed from patterns produced by Brian Norris. WestOz Models has produced this AZ "Body" kit in polyurethane with a aluminum roof. Some underfloor detail parts (Steps, water tanks and transformer box) are included in the kit. All other parts are available from Railwest Models

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