Saturday, March 12, 2011

The MRWA A Class Steam Locomotive

The Midland Railway of Western Australia introduced the A class in 1926 as their heavy main line engine suitable for their 45lb line. Once dieselisation of the line occured in 1958 the A class were all withdrawn and scrapped after a hard worked life.

The locomotive which provides the running gear for the Model of the MRWA A class loco is the Mehano (IHC) 2-8-2 Mikado and it requires minimal modification. to make it suit. The tender is a modification of the Mehano tender.
I made patterns and molded castings for the cab, mainframe/running boards and Boiler/firebox in urathane whilst the firebox and tender chassis are made from urathane castings from Railwest Models. The sand dome, steam dome, turbo generator, tender bogies and wheels and other brass bits such as the headlights and the safety valves are from either North yard of NZ or Railwest Models.
The cab roof is cut and rolled from a 0.010" aluminium. The Hand-rails and hand rail knobs are from the Mehano body whilst the numbering and lettering are MnJ decals.
A 21 stretching her legs on Swan View after the SN3-1/2 meeting, 15 March.

Stuart M

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