Friday, March 4, 2011

M.R.W.A. - AC101

The Midland Railway Co of Western Australia has always fascinated me, for what reason I don't know, probably because I knew very little about it, as few publications existed in the late 70's, early 80's and probably because of its uniqueness.

The MRWA operated the railway between Midland Junction and Walkaway, a distance of 277 miles between the years of 1895 and 1964. It would become the longest privately owned general freight railway in Australia.

The first model I scratch built was an MRWA AC wagon in 1988 of which the MRWA had 162 of them operating over their line. Built in 1988 and with a body fully constructed from Styrene which I am happy with the results of a first effort.

The MRWA has gained interest within the SN-3.5 group, so much so that a meeting dedicated to the railway last year proved very popular and will be repeated later this year as well.



  1. hi, i am interested to know if any UK wagon types are correct for WAGR or MR wagons as is. I'm looking at the range provided by the 3mm Society in the UK and many look very close, apart from the narrower W-irons and axle boxes, but not sure if serendipity strikes and there are any british wagons exactly right for WAGR.

    any comments?

    ben s

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