Saturday, January 22, 2011

WAGR V1213

Hi All

As a first time post, I have been requested by Westland Models to put up pics of my scratchbuilt model of V1213.
The V class were the last of the steam locomotives built for the WAGR in 1955 - weighing in at 135t, these heavy freight locos were capable of some of the biggest loads hauled during WA's steam period. Well proportioned and brutish in appearance they are considered to be one of WA's finest locomotives.
For a bit of a background - V1213 holds a special place in my heart as I had the opportunity to operate the preserved locomotive for about 8 years whilst volunteering and later working for the Pemberton Tramway Co. tourist railway in the Sth West region of W.A.

I never could have imagined when I first climbed into the rusting cab of 1213, when it stood forlorn in the HVTR yard at Pinjarra, or chasing it lineside during its first restored "freight" trial run, that I would eventually be driving and caring for it several years later.
As a modeller of the WAGR in S scale, there was naturally going to have to be, a model of V1213 built, but only when my skills could produce a model, to a level I would find acceptable to myself. I'm probably 98% happy with the end result!

It is built on a recent release Bachmann "Berkshire" mechanism which has correct wheel size and spacing for the main drivers. The rest of the model is scratchbuilt from styrene sheet material, an oscillating fan "stand" for the boiler barrel and utilising Railwest Models detailing parts where available. The Walschaert valve gear was generously scratchbuilt for me by Lynton E. for which I am very grateful. I have superdetailed the model to the best of my ability and suggest if you see the real thing on a layout - "look very closely".

The model was completed in May 2009 and has now done a few miles on the S scale group layouts over 2 exhibitions. This has recently led to a group of our S scale modellers embarking on producing a Kit.


  1. that is absolutely fantastic and I really want one for myself. the green seems a bit out though in the last picture.

  2. Well let us know when the kit has been completed

  3. Did you end up being able to create the model chassis from scratch? I would really like to learn how to create the chassis for these models.