Saturday, January 29, 2011

AGS 22

WAGR "Shower Car" AGS 22 by WESTOZ Models

In November 1935 WAGR buffet car AGB17 was converted to a shower car for use on the RESO (Resource) Trains being operated throughout the state. This unique "one off" coach replaced "Bath Car" AG45, lasting in service until being written off in Oct 1976.

During September/October 2010 I commenced scratchbuilding this coach for use with my set of ARS, AQZ sleeping cars to enable operation of a RESO set if so desired.

After some persuading the scratchbuilt sides became patterns and the coach was eventually produced as polyurethane kit. The period modelled is from 1964 to 1976 - due to the coach being refurbished in 1964 with plywood panelled sides

The kit is now available from WESTOZ Models, although stocks are limited.
Essentially it is a "Body" kit only, with some detailing parts (specific to this coach) included.
The modeller will need a basic grounding in assembling of urethane kits and a reasonable level of modelling skills to complete the model.

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