Monday, July 21, 2014

Starting Construction of my Pemberton Layout

After getting back into modeling several years ago after a rather long break, I have spent several years contemplating a plan for a model railway to capture the atmosphere of the Pemberton railway yard, the mill and some of the bridges of the Pemberton line. Struggling to work out how i would fit these aspects into a room of the house i have been renting in that time and deciding which room would be best has led to a slow start, but after much research into the layout of the yard, the mill and the surrounds, I have finally made a start. My initial plans seemed good on paper until i realised the curves i had drawn where too tight to achieve and whilst the revised plan is still developing I finally began construction of the first sections of the layout earlier this year.

My starting point has been the Pemberton yard itself, with an aim that the centre section of the layout would be as close to scale as possible and would include the station, goods shed and loading dock, whilst the rest would be a compromise in order to meet the limitations of the room.

The following blog will follow the construction of the layout as it progresses:

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