Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mogumber Bridge at the 2014 AMRA (WA) Exhibition

The Australian Model Railway Association (WA) held the 2014 Model Railway Exhibition at the Claremont Showgrounds on the June long weekend.  Word has it that 17 000 visitors had the opportunity to see the many layouts and stands featured at the exhibition. Once again the S scale group was well represented with another new layout. This Year it was Mogumber Bridge on the MR line which still runs from Midland near Perth to Geraldton. The layout was constructed over twelve weeks from February to May of this year. Here are some some early photos of the Mogumber Bridge layout, entirely un-edited and un-expurgated.

On the Saturday the layout represented the period immediately prior to the 1964 takeover of the MRWA by the WAGR. There were A class steam locomotives and F class diesels hauling goods and passenger trains as they would have done in 1957-8. On Sunday the the layout incorporated vehicles from the later 1960's such as X class locomotives and an F class diesel in WAGR green livery. On the final day (Monday) we ran a range of locomotives and vehicles representing the period prior to the 1975 introduction of the newer, yellow livery of Westrail.

A feature of the layout was the fine model of the timber trestle bridge located a few hundred metres north of the present hamlet of Mogumber.  Mogumber itself has always boasted a railway yard and wheatbin and at one time a passing loop and station building. I am sure there will be more photos placed on the blog by members as the year progresses.

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