Monday, April 22, 2013

CXB Sheep Wagon

Here is my latest 3D printing project just arrived from i.Materialise, after detailing and painting:

The photos below show the CXB ready for painting.  I have added a few details from brass wire including the wire rods along the sides, the hand rails at the ends, and the angled pull rod which is part of the brake rigging.  All of the parts which are grey are part of the 3D print.

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  1. Looks great but you beat me too it, I know that a sheep wagon would be a perfect wagon for this technology since its too difficult to do except scratch build (cant resin mold easily ) and styrene and brass very expensive, and tedious to put together.

    You should paint it Midland Blue and make it a DXB so you could put it on stuart's Layout at the show.

    My own efforts on 3D modelling are still in early stages but I have managed to go through the first level of tutorials and I am now attempting to copy GA models GC with the help of a GA plan as well. I have it about a 3/8 done i have bisected the wagon, so i can mirror front to back and I will detail after, its starting to look like a real half of a wagon too.

    Great Looking wagon Richard, hope you release them, you should really get something out for the work you do on your designs.

    Cheers Peter