Monday, October 29, 2012

AY- AYB models Early Livery

Here is a couple of pics of some modelling done by Ross Green who has been with the S scale group for some time now. Ross has built these AY & AYB cars using WestOzModels kits, to run with his Dd & Dm suburban tank locomotives which he has previously scratchbuilt.
 Ross has chosen to paint his cars in the earlier Larch Green, Light Green, Cream and White livery which the carriages wore when they first entered service in 1945.
Ross remembers travelling in these carriages in this colour scheme as a young lad and wanted to recreate that period for his models.
There was much discussion, questioning and research that took place before paint was applied, as to what would be the correct combination of colours & how/where it would be applied to areas on the carriage.
Ross has mostly completed these models and brought them along to the recent running night to show others where he was at with the project. I think we all look forward to seeing this train of carriages running with one of Ross' D class tanks at the head of the train. 

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