Sunday, February 12, 2012

Some recent Video Activity...

The following link shows two recently completed G class kits, and some other stuff running one afternoon on the Swanview layout.

The next link shows possibly the longest Sn WAGR Scale train ever run. Using naturally large motive power upfront, an ASG, guess how many wagons this locomotive hauled around Swanview. (non protoypical of course, but this is some effort!)

As one person said "AMAZING"


  1. 122 4-wheel equivalent - the limit in those days was 72 in length !!
    I presume it was one of my kit locos Neil ? Mine hauled 45 US bogie hoppers on a Sydney layout - I thought that was good !!
    Adrian G.

  2. Yes Adrian - it is one of your ASG kit locos.
    We only stopped at "120" 4 wheelers as that is all that we had available. It would have taken a few more.