Monday, October 31, 2011

G Class Kit Finished

Well its been three weeks and finally I put the finishing touches to my 4-6-0 Version of the WAGR G class. I chose G 123 and modelled it on the 1965 era, before it ventured into preservation/vintage train working at Bunbury. For at least 30 years of its life it was based at Busselton as the shunter there.

It is DCC and has operating headlights, with pickups on the tender as well. The tender is permanently coupled to the locomotive and has a complete cab floor. I have added additional weight to it where possible and weighs about 160g. It can pull on a flat level track approx 32 GE type wagons and a ZJ (non prototypical load).

1 comment:

  1. The G class looks good. Where can I get one? Who makes them? How can I get in contact with them? How much does a kit cost? How would I pay for it?