Sunday, July 10, 2011

JGH 8726 Hydrochloric Tank Wagon

Whilst assisting in the preparation of  Serpentine for the June exhibition, Graham placed a very unique tank wagon into the test train consist which immediately drew my attention. This was a model of JGH 8726, a Hydrochloric tank wagon which in 1:1 scale only one was ever built in this format .

Details of the prototype and model of the wagon can be found in the April 1999 and August 2000 editions of the AMRM respectively and are still available as a back order so we won't go into fine detail here. More prototype information is available from Andy's web site located at

Basically the underframe was built using Railwest Models GS open wagon kit and the tank was modified from a Triang "TT" tank wagon. The lettering was provided by Roger Palmer who with the aid of his computer and Coreldraw produced a bright red with white lettering wrap to fit around the tank. 

The end result is very impressive indeed.

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  1. My father and I model WAGR in 1.5"/1' (1/8 full size) on 5" gauge. I have seen reference to 'Westland models' decals, and I am after some mucky duck decals in 1/8 scale, are you able to produce these?