Saturday, June 4, 2011


The SN3-1/2 Layout shown at the AMRA Model Railway Exhibition over the June long weekend was Serpentine, the following locomotives and trains were amongst those that run on the Saturday.

Built in the late 1890's, the O class were a heavy freight locomotive capable of operating over light 45lb rails. Seen at Serpentine is an example of this class of engine passing through on a long distance passenger train towards the end of its life as most had disappeared by the mid 50's when they were replaced with the W class.

Wildflower class power car, ADF 495 - Banksia and two ADU passenger coaches stop at Serpentine to pickup passengers en route from Bunbury to Perth in the late 50's early 60's. This type of railcar would later be used to form the Bunbury Belle and Shopper named trains introduced in 1964.

PM 702 waits in the loop for the Australind to pass prior to making her way to Bunbury with a general goods. Local cattle are seen being herded into the stockyards in readiness to being loaded onto cattle wagons later in the day.

Beyer Peacock built W954 crosses the Serpentine River on its way to the City with a general goods. Sixty W class locomotives were introduced in the early 1950's as part of the post war rehabilitation programme to replace obsolete, worn out locomotives like the O class previously mentioned.

Following the placement of the TA cattle wagon at the stockyard, Pr525 reattaches to its train and waits for the green signal prior to departing to Pinjarra. Introduced in the 1930/40's, the Pr's were the crack passenger locomotives of the WAGR prior to the introduction of the X class diesel locomotives in the mid 50's.

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