Saturday, September 4, 2010

McKenzie & Holland Signals

The WAGR chose a British signalling company by the name of McKenzie & Holland to supply lower quadrant signals for their rail network, luckly New Zealand did the same as these signals are avaliable from New Zealand Fine Scale.

New Zealand Finescale is a supplier of superb S Scale (3/16" to the Foot) signal parts to suit modellers of New Zealand, Queensland and WAGR narrow (3'6') guage railways. These are highly accurate representations of the McKenzie & Holland Somersault signals and associated equipment used by these railways: New Zealand Finescale Highly Recommended!

Click on the link below to see what is avaliable for not only signals but other items in SN 3-1/2 from New Zealand Finescale.

For more information on WAGR signal boxes, signals and other safe working equipment visit the Sigwa site below.

Westland Models

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